SkillsMedTech for Business

SkillsMedTech Business Partnerships

Affiliate Program

Commission-Based Partnership

An affiliate program is the simplest way for a business organisation site to distribute SkillsMedTech courses on their own website and earn revenues from customers. By setting up course links on their own website, affiliates will direct customers to SkillsMedTech to take courses. When a customer successfully purchases a course, the affiliate gets a commission as a percentage of the course price. Percentage commissions range from 5% to 20%. This is how it works:

  1. Register as an affiliate with SkillsMedTech.
  2. When approved, the organisation will be given access to an affiliate account.
  3. Get the affiliate course links and start adding them to a web page.
  4. Promote the web page with the course links and start selling courses.
  5. Get paid commissions.

Instructor Program

Revenue Sharing Partnership

SkillsMedTech is able to host courses created by other instructors. Businesses or subject matter experts are also able to jointly co-develop courses with us. These courses will then be hosted and sold on SkillsMedTech. In these situations, a revenue sharing scheme can be established to ensure that all instructors and co-instructors get a cut of the course sales. Instructors stand to receive from 30% to 50% share of the revenue.

Interested in becoming a SkillsMedTech instructor?

We welcome experts from the medical device industry to deliver online courses on our site.
Email us at: [email protected]

Enterprise Program

Customised Subscription

SkillsMedTech provides licensing rights for an organisation to run courses on its own-branded website. The organisation can use these courses for internal training or sell the courses to its clients. An organisation enrols into this program through an annual subscription plan. Subscription rates are determined based on the number of courses set up on the organisation's online learning platform. SkillsMedTech also charges a one-time fee for the initial set up of the learning platform.

Benefits of the Enterprise Program

An organisation on the Enterprise Program is able to sell SkillsMedTech courses and keep 70% to 80% of the sales revenues.